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“I hired Ms. Miranda for private session to help me brush up and hone my conversational skills as well as to review grammar. I feel that she truly understood my needs and was able to tailor her teaching style accordingly. After a series of intensive sessions, I feel that my goal was accomplished and that I improved substantially on my spoken and written skills ”

Marnee Reiley  Film Industry


“Dalila has the ability to adapt to each child’s learning methods and keeps their interest through creative art projects, songs, and activities. Her lessons are always well planned and age-appropriate. Dalila’s professionalism, reliability, and sense of humor further enhance the lessons”

CarolLynn Crossman  Parent


“…and really enjoy her enthusiasm, approach and knowledge! I split time between New York and Los Angeles and also work with a tutor in New York. I do enjoy working with Lily best due to her three dimensional style… ”

Jeff Sussman  Film Industry.


“Over the past year I feel that I have been learning and progressing well, as new topics, scenarios and imaginative ideas for learning are always incorporated into the lessons….Dalila strikes an excellent balance between the use of conversational Spanish and grammar, which she teaches using a mixture of practical texts and other is a great related materials to aid understanding”

Katina Glancy  Art Teacher


“I can not begin to tell you how pleased I have been with her teaching… Spanish ability was quite limited, having only taken 2 years at the high school level, Ms. Miranda helped me to catch up to the Spanish 4 level….. In an hour lesson with Ms. Miranda I have learned and stored into permanent memory what would have take me a week to learn in my UCLA Spanish class”

John Siegel – University Student


“….She identified his needs and very creatively sought to meet the goals for the year engaging Ben with activities designed specifically for him. She is a very positive and encouraging teacher with clear and consistent expectations. In addition, she was extremely reliable, honest and easy to deal with from a parent’s perspective.”

Carrie Anders  Parent


“I met Dalila through Craig’s list in March of this year.  Dalila contacted me promptly and offered her Spanish language expertise to help me as I was struggling with my classes at Berlitz….,,I felt that my Spanish skills improved dramatically and it was due to her thorough commitment to help me with a personalized program to ensure that the areas and topics that were of most interest to me were covered.  Dalila has been consistent and reliable in her communications and appointments with me, and has also been very accommodating to my schedule.

Camila Wilkinson –  Film Industry


“………..As a therapist in a county mental health clinic, I need to be able to communicate with monolingual Spanish-speaking clients in order to provide services.  Ms. Miranda helped me become more fluent in the Spanish language so that I am able to communicate with my clients without problems”

Stacy Atkins MSW- Health Care


“…I was tired of learning Spanish just for travelers  … Dalila really knows what she is doing and has a great ability to set up the curriculum that I need for my business. She is just amazing….I can’t believe I found her on Craigslist!”

Tara Clark,  Business


“Dalila Miranda proved to be an excellent investment for my husband and I. We had a series of lessons with her to prepare for a trip to Argentina….Dalila tailored her lessons to fit our individual needs. The purpose of our trip was to look at real estate in Buenos Aires. Not only did she verse us in technical terms we would find useful,…..Another aspect of Dalila’s instruction we found helpful is her vast knowledge of Central and South American culture. There were a number of times during our trip that we would have been lost were it not for information given to us by Ms. Miranda. This, combined with her hands-on approach to learning, made our time with Dalila invaluable”

Desiree  Adams – Business

“Dalila was my Spanish language instructor for a Spanish immersion course I took a little while ago. I really enjoyed her teaching style and it really blew me away how much I learned just within these few days of class. She was focused on conversation and had a technique of teaching that was simple enough for me to understand and also easy for me to retain and use what I learned. It is incredible and I did not expect that I would learn as much as I did in just a few days of immersion, and I think that is a great way to learn the language. I am grateful for that class and for her patience, passion, and dedication too :)” Posted on my LinkedIn:

Samira Ali – Business


  1. Mellany says:

    Dalila has been great, we had intensive conversation classes and it really helped me improve my Spanish. I definitely recommend her!

  2. I had 5 lessons with Dalila. Dalila is not only a tutor. She is a highly-educated, patient, and attentive language instructor who is also fun to work with. While having natural conversation she would correct, instruct, and answer my questions as we go along. She gave beneficial homework assignments and taught me while correcting my writing assignments. I had fun having conversation and learning with Dalila. She is a very knowledgeable instructor!

    • Thank you Melody! It was a pleasure to work with you as well. I would like to outstand your appreciation and understanding of the latin culture and your authentic desire to learn the Spanish language thoroughly. It is always a pleasure to work with a person with such a wonderful energy! Let’s keep in touch! Estamos en contacto! Dalila.

  3. Judith England says:

    . I went to Dalila for Spanish instruction after trying other tutors and a community services Spanish class. I found that Dalila was extremely well organized and she was able to keep me focused during the sessions even when I got tired. She made every session count. She used pictorial and object based lessons that help make the points graphically which really helped to fix the material in memory. I was very pleased with her instruction and her ability to work with what I already knew as well as introducing new concepts to me.

    Judith England, Santa Monica

    • Judy, Thanks for your words. I am glad that you found our classes worth it and enjoyable . Your great motivation for learning Spanish is the key to make your classes fun and memorable. Working with you have been an inspiration! … See you soon!

  4. Anthony Melchior says:

    Dalila is excellent at developing a love for the language and creating a learning environment that allows her students to learn from the ground up with an essential focus on learning the fundamentals first and brick by brick she has what it takes to allow her students to feel comfortable with the language for a long time.

  5. Thank you Anthony, I also enjoyed working with you. Students like you, with that great attitude towards learning, are really my inspiration to continue improving my teaching performance.

  6. My first Skype lesson today with Lilly was both encouraging and motivating. After a cordial introduction, Lilly implemented verbal Spanish language exercises for a complete beginner in an organized and enjoyable manner. It was fully evident that Lilly has a great deal of teaching experience that includes the great combination of excellent learning method that is important combined with stress free and friendly correction of my errors. With Lilly’s help I am really looking forward to learning to better appreciate the Spanish speaking world’s culture and literature. At the end of the lesson, I immediately looked forward to our next lesson. The classes are very fairly priced. Thanks Lilly and LASPANISH!

    • Dear Phillip, first thing I remember is that you asked me if my name was Dalila or Lily, since you had read other recommendations on LinkedIn, and you decided you wanted to call me, Lily!
      It has been a great experience to work with you, to see your improvements and to discover the wonderful person you are!

  7. Stephanie says:

    Dalila is an excellent instructor, who is flexible and generous with both her time and teaching style. I am a doctoral student at USC needing to pass a translation exam in order to move forward with my degree. Dalila tailored her immersion program to fit my needs and I was able to pass my exam in February. I highly recommend her as an instructor for all of your Spanish language learning needs!

  8. Boryana Dimitranova says:

    I found Dalila on the net,looking for a spanish class.She has been a great teacher!A mixture of the grammar rules and the use of the language by different spanish speaking nations,her classes are fun and you are not just going to learn spanish but also dive into its culture.Take the class.Spanish will stick to you,I promise!

  9. As silly as it sounds, sometimes it is hard to become motivated to learn again. The realities of making the time to go to class, have to do homework, practice, and study weren’t always fun. That said, Dalia definitely goes out of her way to make this experience worthwhile.

    Learning a language is supposed to be fun and exciting and in my experience coming to Dalila’s classes were well worth it. At the end of the day there are a number of options for learning a language, but there is really nothing better than having the experience of real interaction that a classroom provides.

    Dalila is a pro, and if you are ready to learn Spanish save your money on the tapes and try her out.

  10. Pete Alexander says:

    I am a business owner in the wireless industry and not only conduct business in Mexico but my wife is from there as well so we travel to Mexico regularly to visit family and friends. Dalila is a very effective Spanish language instructor who is intuitive and creative in her teaching process. She tailors her instructions to my needs and challenges me to reinforce my learnings with repetition and pronunciation. I would recommend her for any Spanish language teaching environment or situation.

    • Dear Pete, thanks for your comment!
      It is always a pleasure to work with a very organized student, and a person who really loves the Spanish culture and the Spanish language, as you do!

  11. Ms.Dalila is a wonderful teacher I highly reccomend her. She takes her time and goes through each lesson and makes sure you understand. Her lesson plans fit to your experience level and her style of teaching fits to all your needs and help you learn spanish. It is a pleasure to have her as a teacher. 😊

  12. Thank you so much for your words, Myles. It is a pleasure to receive such a compliment from a young intelligent man as you are! See you the next semester!

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