Free Spanish Twitter Class

LA Spanish is hosting a Free Spanish Twitter Class with students interested in practising Ser & Estar, and you’re invited!

Join us at:!/search/%23laspanishlounge

Hashtag: #laspanishlounge

 @laspanishlounge by

Topic: Ser & Estar

Date: April 9th – 13th  from 10-11 a.m. Pacific Time

This chat will help you understand the uses and application of Ser & Estar in Present Tense. Depending on the audience’s experience, we will be exploring other tenses. We hope you can join us!

What is a tweet chat?

A tweet chat is an interactive way to use Twitter to have a conversation with others about a specific topic or idea. A moderator hosts the chat and keeps the conversation moving forward. This chat will focus on Spanish Grammar: Ser & Estar

Instructions to participate in #laspanishlounge tweet chat:

1. At the scheduled chat time, log onto (or whatever tweet chat tool you like) using your twitter name and password. Enter the hashtag at the top of the screen. In our case, our chat is on April 9th at 10 a.m. PT, and the hashtag is #laspanishlounge.

2. Let your followers know you will be participating in a chat, then introduce yourself or wait for the chat to begin. The moderator will start the conversation by asking a question in all caps. Here’s an example:

Q1–¿COMO ESTA? #laspanishlounge

3. When you answer questions, make sure you notate which question you are answering. For example:

A1 – Estoy bien. ¿Y Ud?. #laspanishlounge.

4. Remember to add the chat hashtag to the end of your tweets. A tool like will automatically do this for you.

5. Don’t be afraid to add your thoughts to the topic or to ask follow-up questions. As long as your questions are on topic, they are welcome during the tweet chat.

6. Avoid sales pitches or marketing messages; the chat is about practising the topic is announcing to help students to improve the use of their Spanish language , NOT selling your products.

7. Enjoy your Ser & Estar class!

8.  Thanks for following us @laspanishlounge  by If you think this class is meaningful to you, feel free to support us in helping you become bilingual with your kind donation. We greatly appreciate it!


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