LA Spanish, provides Spanish language instruction in Greater Los Angeles area.

The same Spanish language Instruction is offered overseas online through Skype.

At LA Spanish, we make sure that you learn the fundamentals in the way your mind is ready to produce sentences on its own, which is the real goal to get to a conversational level.

With LA Spanish language instruction, the building blocks of Spanish language are taught carefully so pieces can be engaged step by step and bonded to produce the language the right way.

LA Spanish, conversational level training includes:

–       Preparation for tests. All skills.

–       Preparations for Spanish I, II, III

–       Help with homework for high school, college, university.

–       Professional Instruction for health, business, etc.

–       Spanish grammar review

–       Spanish for travelers

–       Spanish for children

–       Cultural awareness for companies doing business with Latin American clients in the US and Latin countries.

–       ESP, English for specific purposes.

–       Bilingual, English-Spanish interaction between employees and employers.

–       Translations for documents, website, etc.

–       Proof reading for blogs, scripts, commercials, and all type of documents.

Whatever is you need in Spanish, we are here to help…just ask!


Contact us:

Dalila Miranda, Foreign Language Educator.

(310) 403-3001

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