24 hours cancellation

24 hours cancellation


At LA Spanish we appreciate your business!

Since the moment you contact us, we form a team and the results are a teamwork effort!

In order to serve you and our other students effectively, we need to be on top of our schedule. This is the reason why; we have a 24 hours cancellation policy.

24 hours cancellation policy means that you need to notify us that you can not make it for your next appointment, 24 hours prior the starting time of your class appointment and we will be happy to accommodate you at another time the same day or another day the same week, or have your class online so you do not interrupt   your practice. We are very flexible and have no problem to work around your schedule.

We prefer you to notify us by text to (310) 403-3001.

Another important thing we want to point out is that we totally commit to your instruction. We tailor each session for you! considering your language needs and learning style. We strike each point that it needs to be polished for you to produce a neat and well-educated Spanish conversation. For that reason when we commit to you, a plan starts being developed to help you become bilingual in Spanish. Payments are non refundable, but goals are reached!


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