High School Spanish Programs

LA Spanish offers High School Spanish Programs in Los Angeles

With over 12 years serving Los Angeles, nationwide, and world wide over Skype, we welcome you to our community of hundreds of students who have become part of our family.

Every high school student needs a specific program that can help them understand specific areas of the language.

In order to be successful in the Spanish language, the students need to understand and express ideas at their level.

Our high school Spanish programs are tailored to every student’s needs.

Some of our students need more help with grammar, others need help with their speaking skills.

Whether your level is basic level, intermediate or advanced, as Spanish Honors and AP Spanish, we help you succeed!

We offer comprehensive high school Spanish programs for Test Preparation!

If you want to speed up your Spanish course, let us know!

Accessible High School Spanish Programs

LA Spanish offers One-on-One sessions in person or via Skype-ME, so our Spanish students can access our High School Spanish programs tailored to everyone’s specific needs from any place with wi-fi access.

Parents love our accessibility, and students love it as well, especially during test season.

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Flexible High School Spanish Programs

Our high school Spanish programs are adaptable to each Spanish course. We help students from different schools in Los Angeles and beyond. And the most important fact is that our students achieve their goals!