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Intense instruction for maximum learning…

Immerse yourself in Spanish. Start thinking in Spanish fast! Let me guide you o this wonderful adventure of becoming bilingual.

Comprehensive program that fits your business and personal needs!

One on One Instruction is highly beneficial because you can learn at your own pace and explore topics of your particular interest.

Take advantage of your free time to boost your fluency in Spanish by dedicating that free time to master Spanish.

Lessons are tailored to your specific needs, and the approach is highly communicative. Sessions can be private or semi-private. Just call and ask Dalila at (310) 403-3001

The main goal of a person who learns a new language is to socialize with native speakers, but if your interest goes beyond that, and you need Spanish for business purposes, you can check our BUSINESS page and select a specific topic according to your interest. That will help us to customize your lessons.

Schedule: We offer you a flexible schedule at your convenience!

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