Amor es…

Hablemos del amor de pareja, al mismo tiempo que aprendemos un poquito más de español. Amor es …

Let’s talk about that love between partners, at the same time we learn a little bit more of Spanish. Love is…

…descubrir las virtudes de la otra persona y enfocarse en estas virtudes para fortalecer este sentimiento.

…to discover the virtues of the other person and to focus on these virtues in order to strength this feeling.

La intimidad es lograr conocerse mutuamente.

Intimacy is to get to know each other.

Two words that say it all: “Te Amo”

In Spanish you just need two words to say “I love you”:” TE AMO”

*Important note: Some translations are literal. When you see the literal translation, you can start feeling the language and understanding the mentality and “la cosmovisión” of the native speaker. It helps you start thinking in Spanish language!

Amor es… love is…

…entenderse – to understand each other.

…conectarse – to connect each other.

…extrañarse – to miss each other.

…buscarse – to look for each other.

…respetarse – to respect each other.

…admirarse – to admire each other.

…aceptarse – to accept each other.

…estar allí cuando esa persona te necesita – to be there for that person, when that person needs you.

…estar abierto a la comunicación con la otra persona – To be open to communicate with the other person.

…confiar totalmente en la otra persona – to fully trust the other person.

…estar seguro/a de poder confiar en esa persona – to be confident that you can trust that person.

…sentirte tu mismo con esa persona – to feel yourself when you are with that person.

…expresar tus sentimientos abiertamente – to express your feelings openly.

…una sonrisa espontánea cuando piensas en esa persona – a spontaneous smile when you think about that person.

…cuando tu corazón “salta de felicidad” cada vez que ves o escuchas a esa persona – when your heart “jumps joyfully” every time you see or hear that person.

…buscar la forma de hacer feliz a esa persona – to find the way to make that person happy.

…disfrutar la vida juntos – to enjoy life together.

…compartir el mismo sentimiento – to share the same feeling.

y lo más importante, debe ser recíproco. – and the most important, should be reciprocal.

Amor es… – Love is…


Amor es + Action: Amor es estar junto a ti – love is to be by your side, to be with you.

Amor es + description: Amor es cuando te preocupas por esa persona – love is when you care about that person.

Definition: ¿Qué es el amor? – El amor es un sentimiento.

Amor es…

Jokes – Bromas

  1. Broma de adolecentes – Teenagers’ joke

If the guy couldn’t catch the girl’s attention he would tell her:

Amiga, ¿Crees en el amor a primera vista, o vuelvo a pasar?

Hey girl, do you believe in love at first sight, or should I pass by again?

  1. El amor es ciego – Love is blind!
  2. El amor encontrará la forma – Love will find the way!

    El amor encontrará la forma.

    Amor es… compartir este artículo con esa persona y “propagar el amor” 🙂

    love is… to share this article with that person and “to share the love” 🙂

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Palabras De Amor-Love Words

We all love to say Palabras de Amor-Love Words to our love. So, I have prepared a list of useful words that you can use with that special person.

Palabras de amor-Love words

It is always a good time to say these Palabras de Amor – Love words. Find any excuse to say them for no reason, just to infuse happiness into your relationship.

Below this list of expressions, you will find a list of ideas to keep pampering that special person.

List of Palabras De Amor-Love Words

-Me gusta tu sonrisa.

-Me gusta estar contigo.

-Me gustas mucho.

-Me encantan nuestras conversaciones.

-Eres lo mejor que me ha pasado en la vida.

-Me gusta mirarme en tus ojos

-¡Te amo!

-I like your smile.

-I love to spend time with you.

-I like you so much.

-I love our conversations.

-You are the best thing that ever happened to me.

-I like to see myself reflected in your eyes.

-I love you!

Don’t forget to pamper your love with:



Una cena romántica




Miradas a los ojos

Silencio significativo

Tu presencia

Tu amabilidad

Tu respeto

Tu entendimiento

Tu tiempo

Tu deseo de hacerla/lo feliz

Comunicación sincera

Tu mismo/a



A romantic dinner




Looking into his/her eyes

Meaningful silence

Your presence

Your kindness

Your respect

Your understanding

Your time

Your desire to make him/her happy

Sincere communication


Being fully present is the best gift you can give to your love!

Lista de Palabras De Amor-Love Words

Amor love words


Last weekend I met an inspiring couple that were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. She said the main reason they were together, it was that her husband believed in marriage. He said SHE was the main reason they were together all of these years, and start talking about all her achievements in life, as a person, and as a professional, which showed how mesmerized he was with her and how much he admires and respects her. But I loved when he started his talk saying: First of all, to be married for 60 years, you need to be alive for such a long time! J

Do you have a love story you want to share with us?

We want to hear from you!

If you wish to learn more Palabras de Amor – Love words, use the comment box to send me the words or expressions you would like me to translate for you.

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