Palabras De Amor-Love Words

We all love to say Palabras de Amor-Love Words to our love. So, I have prepared a list of useful words that you can use with that special person.

Palabras de amor-Love words

It is always a good time to say these Palabras de Amor – Love words. Find any excuse to say them for no reason, just to infuse happiness into your relationship.

Below this list of expressions, you will find a list of ideas to keep pampering that special person.

List of Palabras De Amor-Love Words

-Me gusta tu sonrisa.

-Me gusta estar contigo.

-Me gustas mucho.

-Me encantan nuestras conversaciones.

-Eres lo mejor que me ha pasado en la vida.

-Me gusta mirarme en tus ojos

-¡Te amo!

-I like your smile.

-I love to spend time with you.

-I like you so much.

-I love our conversations.

-You are the best thing that ever happened to me.

-I like to see myself reflected in your eyes.

-I love you!

Don’t forget to pamper your love with:



Una cena romántica




Miradas a los ojos

Silencio significativo

Tu presencia

Tu amabilidad

Tu respeto

Tu entendimiento

Tu tiempo

Tu deseo de hacerla/lo feliz

Comunicación sincera

Tu mismo/a



A romantic dinner




Looking into his/her eyes

Meaningful silence

Your presence

Your kindness

Your respect

Your understanding

Your time

Your desire to make him/her happy

Sincere communication


Being fully present is the best gift you can give to your love!

Lista de Palabras De Amor-Love Words

Amor love words


Last weekend I met an inspiring couple that were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. She said the main reason they were together, it was that her husband believed in marriage. He said SHE was the main reason they were together all of these years, and start talking about all her achievements in life, as a person, and as a professional, which showed how mesmerized he was with her and how much he admires and respects her. But I loved when he started his talk saying: First of all, to be married for 60 years, you need to be alive for such a long time! J

Do you have a love story you want to share with us?

We want to hear from you!

If you wish to learn more Palabras de Amor – Love words, use the comment box to send me the words or expressions you would like me to translate for you.

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Nueve vs Nuevo

Nueve vs Nuevo

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Spanish Grammar

Nueve vs Nuevo

Nueve & Nuevo are commonly confused by Spanish language learners because of the similarities in the phonetic.

Here is the difference between them:

While “Nueve” means number “9”, “Nuevo” is the Spanish version of the adjective “New” in masculine form, so you can find the word “Nueva” for “New” in feminine form, and “Nuevos”, and “Nuevas” if we want to express them in plural.

Examples using the with the word “ Nueve

  1. Mi hija tiene nueve años.

Mi daughter is nine years old.

  1. Hay nueve planetas en el universo.

There are nine planets in the universe.

  1. Faltan nueve días para mi cumpleaños.

There are nine days left to my birthday.

  1. El nueve es un numero impar.

Nine is an odd number.

  1. Mi examen de español es el nueve de abril.

Mi Spanish test is on April 9th.

Examples using the word “Nuevo

  1. Mi auto es Nuevo.

Mi car is new.

  1. Mis anteojos de sol son nuevos.

My sunglasses are new.

  1. Quiero un cellular Nuevo.

I want a new cell.

  1. Ese vestido es Nuevo.

That dress is new.

  1. Esos zapatos son nuevos.

Those shoes are new.

  1. Te presento a Alicia. Es la nueva secretaria.

Let me introduce you Alicia. She is the new secretary.

  1. Estas palabras no son nuevas para mi.

These words are not new for me.

  1. ¿Es tu cartera nueva?

Is your handbag new?

  1. ¿Qué hay de Nuevo?

What’s up!

10. ¿De Nuevo?


11. ¿Qué buenas nuevas me traes?

Do you have good news for mi?


TEST YOURSELF on Nueve vs Nuevo: Fill in the blanks with the right word.

  1. Yo tengo un libro __________.
  2. Estas sillas no son __________.
  3. Me voy de viaje el __________ de abril.
  4. Esos empleados son __________.
  5. Hay __________ planetas en el universo.
  6. Ven a la fiesta de Año __________.
  7. Lo hice de _________.

Saying containin a word from Nueve vs Nuevo:

“¡El final, es el comienzo de algo Nuevo!”

“The end is the new beginning!”

KEY To Nueve vr Nuevo Test:

  1. Yo tengo un libro Nuevo.
  2. Estas sillas no son nuevas.
  3. Me voy de viaje el nueve de abril.
  4. Esos empleados son nuevos.
  5. Hay nueve planetas en el universo.
  6. Ven a la fiesta de año Nuevo.
  7. Lo hice de Nuevo.


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Spanish Word of the Day

REALMENTE = ACTUALLY,  is your Spanish Word of the day, for your homework on!/search/%23laspanishlounge

INTERESANTE = Interesting

TABLE = Mesa

HOY = Today

ECONOMISTA = Economist

For your homework at!/laspanishlounge, you need to know

Russia = Rusia

Black = Negro

If you want to participate in this chat follow this instructions: Enjoy your Spanish Word of the Day

Spanish Word of the Day

SEDE [seh-deh] Femenine noun ‘La Sede”.

This word is important to undersatand one the uses of SER. Check our Twitter Class on Ser & Estar #laspanishlounge 4-9-12

1. Venue  (de acontecimiento)(de for)

Ejempo: El Hotel Hilton es la sede del Globo de Oro.

The Hilton Hotel is the venue of the Golden Globe

2. Headquarters (de organización, empresa)

Ejemplo: La sede de las Naciones Unidas, está en Nueva York

The UN headquarter is in New York

3. Seat (de gobierno). (f)

sede diplomática diplomatic quarter

sede social head office; central office

4. See  (religion) la Santa sede -> the Holy See

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Hispanic Culture: Hispandering – Pander to Hispanics

When it comes to hispanic culture. I find interesting the ability to play with words. This shows that a language is a living entity. I chose this hybrid word regarding the political moment and to be aware of the influence that the hispanic community has conquered in time in America. The fact that a word like this is created makes me think about the need of becoming bilingual in order to know more about  each other and enjoy the richness of each culture.

Here is an interisting article.

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Hispanic Lifestyle: Peruvian Cuisine Demo in Montclair

Hispanic Lifestyle: Peruvian Cuisine Demo in Montclair


Immerse yourself in the hispanic lifestyle participating in this free peruvian cuisine demonstration and discussion of the varieties of Peruvian cuisine.

Restaurant Costanera Cocina Peruana – Montclair

Chef: Juan Placencia

Date: Thursday 29th, 2012

Time: 6:30 – 8:30 pm

Hispanic Lifestyle: Peruvian Cuisine Demo in Montclair

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