Spanish Tutoring for FINALS!!! $35.00 hr

Frome now to the end of school year enjoy

Spanish Tutoring for FINALS!!! $35.00 hr

Get an “A” in your finals this year with Ms. Dalila Miranda Private Spanish Tutoring.

Get the package that best fits you. Call (310) 403-3001 or email directly to

$140.00   package of 4 hr lessons

$ 120.0 package of 3 hr Lessons

$ 50.0 every addtional hr, regular price $85.0

Classes are conducted at Robertson & Olympic area. Call for a different accomodation.


Spanish Language Film Comedia en Español

Spanish Language Film  Comedia en Español


Don’t miss the opportunity to see this fantastic Spanish Film Comedy in Spanish language:

No se pierdan la oportunidad de ver esta fantástica comedia en idioma español.

Spanish Language Film  Comedia en Español

Will Ferrell: ‘Casa de mi Padre is an homage to my Spanish teachers

Will Ferrel dijo: ” Casa de mi Padre es un homenaje a mis profesores de español

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Spanish Language Film  Comedia en Español

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Casa de mi Padrex