Spanish Tutoring for FINALS!!! $35.00 hr

Frome now to the end of school year enjoy

Spanish Tutoring for FINALS!!! $35.00 hr

Get an “A” in your finals this year with Ms. Dalila Miranda Private Spanish Tutoring.

Get the package that best fits you. Call (310) 403-3001 or email directly to

$140.00   package of 4 hr lessons

$ 120.0 package of 3 hr Lessons

$ 50.0 every addtional hr, regular price $85.0

Classes are conducted at Robertson & Olympic area. Call for a different accomodation.


Private Spanish Lessons


Book our Private Spanish Lessons and learn Spanish FAST and EFFECTIVELY!

Learn with the most brain friendly methodology which focuses on conversation and the proper use of Spanish language.

Start getting confidence in the language. At LA spanish, students get a great exposure to the language, becoming fluent in spanish really fast!

Call Dalila to arrange your first meeting at (310) 403-3001 or email at

 Save: $351.0     almost 50% off

Pay Only : $499.00

You get: 10 hour lessons 

Regular Price $850.00